Communicating With Clients

Dealing with clients can often be frustrating and confusing. Sometimes clients don’t even know what they even want or flee at the sight of a price tag. It’s a constant back and forth battle to communicate with difficult clients. Here are five tips to help you bring your A-game and conquer the feat of making clients happy. Let the guide commence!

Respond in a Timely Manner

Make your clients a priority and make sure you respond to them quickly. Clients may leave if you don’t seem interested in the work and this will definitely affect your ratings. The best thing to do is make sure you have access to your client’s messages on your phone and turn on your notifications. That way, wherever you are, you can get notified about their response and can respond back as quick as you can.

Ask Questions

When clients tell you something you don’t understand ask questions! Clients appreciate that you’re not just interpreting things in your own way. It’s better to get your questions out earlier than asking them the day of the delivery. Not everything clients say make sense so it’s perfectly normal to not understand. If anything, it allows the client to perceive you as more than a seller and a person as well.


When clients give you a small list of requirements build on it! Go above and beyond and blow your client’s expectations out of the water! Keep in mind it’s not just about the work itself, but how you are communicating with the client as well. Connect with your clients, bounce ideas off each other, and come up with new solutions together. Show your client that you stand out, that you are creative, that you are a problem solver. Not only will creative thinking help get you more work, but it will allow you to see things from your client’s perspective. If you’re going to catch a client, you need to think like a client! 

Have Others Review Messages

Clients can be difficult but its vital that you don’t let your emotions leak into your work. When writing emails or messages it can be very helpful to have others review your messages. It is nice to get a second perspective on things, especially when it matters how it comes off. Take your time reviewing the email/message and imagine it having been sent to you. It’s all about perspective.

Fair Pricing

Give a fair price- to you and them. Don’t intentionally go above their budget but if you need to make sure you explain why it’s fairer to have it be that price. Make sure that you’re happy with the price and it will make you want to do the work because of the price. It’s not that it has to be the highest number it’s ‘what’s enough for you’. Take into consideration how long it’ll take to do the work, how hard you’ll have to work, the timeline, and more ( you may want to charge a little higher for clients its hard to work with ).


Handling with clients can be hard, and it’s helpful to get another perspective and ask questions. With creativity, care for their time, and fairness, you can build a strong relationship with your clients. I hope you enjoyed these tips to better communicate with your clients! 

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