Getting OneNote Notebook Hack

You may have noticed Microsoft Graph doesn’t have a OneNote API- so if you were to get the OneNote notebook for a SharePoint group how would you go about getting it? I came up with a hack to get the OneNote notebook(s) located in a SharePoint site. Now, when a Notebook is created it willContinue reading “Getting OneNote Notebook Hack”

ComponentDidUpdate updating properties

What happens when you select or deselect a site in my React-News web part? My web part makes use of propertyPaths, ComponentDidUpdate, and more. It gets the news posts from the current site it’s deployed on by default but you can add as many sites as you’d like. Let’s see how all of this works!Continue reading “ComponentDidUpdate updating properties”

Project Due Date List Formatting

Say you have a Project Management list with a Due Date column. You want the Due Date column to indicate it’s status based on it’s color. If it is past due it’s red, due today is yellow, or due later is green. This can be accomplished by using column formatting. Let’s build this out! TheContinue reading “Project Due Date List Formatting”

Upgrades – Webpart and Environment

Upgrade Your Webpart There’s a difference between upgrading your webpart and upgrading your environment; You can upgrade your environment and every webpart you create after that will be that version, or you only upgrade one at a time and keep your current version the same. If you don’t want to use a certain version butContinue reading “Upgrades – Webpart and Environment”